The 6 Most Efficient Ways To Light Your New Metal Building

You’re designing your new building.

You’ve thought of everything.

You’ve nailed down the size, the shape, the safety requirements, picked out colors, laid out a floorplan, everything.

And you’ve made the very wise decision of using a metal building. Good for you.

But how much thought have you put into the lighting of your building?

Most people are content with screwing in whatever lightbulb they can find at home depot and calling it a day.

Lighting is very often an underestimated facet of buildings, outdoor spaces, and interiors.

Metal buildings are no different.

Your lighting can enhance, detract, annoy, highlight, or even hide certain areas and features of your building.

Even more importantly, lighting plays a huge role in energy consumption and the environmental footprint of a building or space.

No matter what you plan on doing with your building, you want the lighting to be as efficient as possible.

You’ll be helping the environment and your wallet.

Below we’ll talk about the most efficient ways to light your metal building.



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