What Are The Most Used Metals In The Construction Industry?

Think of the last time you saw pictures and videos of the devastation left behind after a hurricane.

Now think of the last time you watched a news report about raging wildfires that have destroyed multiple neighborhoods.

Or, a major hurricane that has swept through the midwest, tearing down everything that gets in its way.

When you picture those events in your head, and you visualize the destruction, are you picturing destroyed wood buildings, or are you picturing destroyed metal buildings?

You are probably picturing wood buildings being torn apart and scattered on the ground.

Metal buildings are rarely seen in the devastation because they hold up much better than their wooden counterparts.

That’s why, for years now, architects, building owners, designers, and general contractors are choosing metal for their projects over other materials because of its durability, efficiency, and low maintenance.

Metal also proves a sleek, clean look, striking beauty, and much more versatility than their counterparts.

The advantages of building with metal are immense, and the popularity of metal construction continues to rise.

But what types of metal are used in construction? Which metals are best for which jobs?

In the article below, we will take a look at some of the most popular metal choices in the construction industry based on their sustainability, versatility, and economic benefits.

source https://www.cdmg.com/building-faqs/most-used-metals-in-construction


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