Quality workmanship is almost a guarantee with …

Quality workmanship is almost a guarantee with pre-engineered steel structures.

Because they are built beforehand at the manufacturing facilities, they are built to meet all building codes and quality compliance.

You also don’t have to worry about the weather delaying or damaging your project.

Built by certified trades, pre-engineered steel buildings offer quality assurance for all building applications.

Construction material can be cumbersome to load and transport. However, pre-engineered steel buildings and its modular panels are very lightweight and portable compared to concrete structures.

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The panelized and lightweight structure allows for flexibility in construction and works well during changing site conditions.

But don’t be fooled, even though they are lightweight, steel structures are much stronger and durable compared to other construction materials.

To see how CDMG can help you with your pre-engineered metal buildings, click on the link below.


CDMG Industrial Design and Construction

(724) 330-4799

150 Technology Drive

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317




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