You can create whatever you want out of your st…

You can create whatever you want out of your steel structure at the manufacturer.

Warehouses, retail spaces, storage units, and even homes are all ideal for steel.

They can all be designed to match the surrounding environment or to stand out as a wonder of architecture.

Steel building manufacturers today can create panels with the textures, colors, and shapes of other materials that retain the strength steel is known for.

And if you ever need more out of your building, a steel frame can be easily added to and expanded upon.

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By adding or removing interior walls, shifting frame openings, and even adding stories, you can have a brand new building in no time.

To see how CDMG can help you with your pre-engineered metal buildings, click on the link below.

CDMG Industrial Design and Construction

(724) 330-4799

150 Technology Drive

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317



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