How are steel buildings safer? Less Maintenanc…

How are steel buildings safer?

Less Maintenance

The fact that steel structures require less maintenance is usually seen as a way to save time and reduce the stress of maintaining a facility.

But it also makes your facility safer. Every building has natural wear and tear, but a less durable material such as wood will deteriorate at a much faster rate than steel.

When a facility deteriorates, maintenance is less likely to keep pace, contributing to less structural integrity and increasing the chances of permanent and dangerous damage, making it unsafe.

Wind Resistance

Some sports complexes constructed with exterior fabric and fabric liner have been severely damaged like the Metrodome and a Dallas Cowboys practice facility.

Durable steel structures perform well under high winds due to their ductility, which is the ability to bend without breaking.

Steel can absorb more energy than its less sturdy counterparts, so your steel facility is safe under the most extreme conditions.

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