We’ve been looking at what siding you can use o…

We’ve been looking at what siding you can use on the exterior of your metal building.

The next option you can use is:


Many of the most impressive metal buildings you’ll come across opt for stucco walls instead of the traditional metal building siding.

There are three ways to use stucco for the exterior of your building:

Stucco Flex

This is an economical option that utilizes a spray-on stucco that provides the look of stucco without breaking the bank.

It’s applied directly over the siding or boards if you want a flat look.

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Insulated Stucco Panels

These panels provide a generous insulation R-Value for your metal building, as well as the rugged stucco finish.

You’ll install the panels just like you would typical building siding, and they’re also available in a variety of colors.

Traditional Stucco

If you opt for a stucco finish that is common on residential structures, your steel building walls can be left open for construction by others.

Sometimes this will require a spandrel beam, which will increase your costs.

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