What Are The Design Possibilities With A Steel …

What Are The Design Possibilities With A Steel Building?

With concrete, pretty much any shape is available because it molds to the form made for it.

But the weight of concrete limits its ability to cover a lot of ground without extra support columns.

Those bulky columns will limit maneuverability and usable floor space within your building.

Overhangs and balconies are also expensive and problematic with concrete.

Concrete also doesn’t easily accommodate large expanses of glass.

With steel, the most economical shape for your building will be a rectangle. But it can be used to create more intricate designs.

The best design asset of a prefabricated metal building is its ability to span long distances without extra columns.

That’s why steel is a popular choice for warehouses and aircraft hangars.

Clearspan interior spaces provide greater floor plan flexibility and allow for greater freedom to make changes later on.

The wide spaces between exterior steel columns allow for large expanses of glass.

So if your business requires showroom windows, steel framing would be the better building method for you.

To see how they can help with your prefabricated metal building project, click on the link below.


CDMG Industrial Engineering

(724) 330-4799

150 Technology Drive

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317





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