What are pre-engineered metal buildings ideal f…

What are pre-engineered metal buildings ideal for?

There are many ways that a prefabricated metal building can be used to help a business.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in pre-engineered steel buildings is their versatility. You can use them in a wide variety of buildings, like:

– warehouses

– churches

– distribution centers

– recreational facilities

– cold storage facilities

– aviation hangars

– storage buildings

– metal garages

– cool server farms

The list is endless. And the big benefit is that when you choose a CDMG Metal Building, you’re not getting an outdated boxy steel building.

You’re getting a custom-engineered metal building that is designed specifically for your business.

Most of the time, people can’t tell that it’s a pre-engineered metal building.

See how CDMG can help you keep your costs down and set your business up for success with one of our prefabricated metal buildings. Click on the link below to contact one of our metal building experts.


CDMG Industrial Engineering

(724) 330-4799

150 Technology Drive

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317





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