What Are The Top 3 Renewable Energies?

The increase in climate change concerns has led to the development and use of renewable energy sources.

But which renewable energy source is best?

The truth is that there are several different types of renewable energy sources that can deliver exceptional value and usefulness.

In the article below, we will discuss three of the best renewable sources.


  • Renewable energy is growing rapidly.
  • Wind energy is responsible for about 8.4 percent of all energy sources generated in the country.
  • Solar power made up about 2.3% of total energy in 2020 and centers around photovoltaic or solar-thermal power.
  • Hydroelectric sources, including some 2,500 dams across the country, are responsible for approximately 7.3% of all electrical power produced in the U.S.
  • CDMG has experience designing and overseeing the installation of power equipment and systems, including turbines, generation systems, and transmission infrastructure.


source https://www.cdmg.com/building-faqs/top-renewable-energies


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