How Do Crane Buildings Work?

We tend to take for granted the great things that surround us every day.

From the supercomputer that fit in our pockets, to self-driving cars, we are spoiled with luxuries previous generations only dreamed of.

If you live in a big city, another thing you likely take for granted is skyscrapers.

These massive buildings were once things of science fiction, but now we don’t even think twice about the monumentally-sized machine that shapes our world.

From the ground looking up, it might be hard to imagine how the crane accomplishes what it does without tipping over smashing into something.

How are these cranes constructed? How do they lift concrete, steel beams, and various other building materials from the ground to hundreds of stories above the earth?

There’s a lot that goes into it, including some unbelievable physics and machinery.

In the article below, we will examine exactly how crane buildings work, and how they build the world around us.



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