How Pre-engineered Metal Building Kits Can Work For You.

CDMG is Nucor Building Systems’ largest Metal Building Supplier. Here are some of the reasons that we are one of the trusted the metal building suppliers that companies rely on:

  • We Are Cost-Effective: We utilize BIM software, which decreases construction time, and our partnership with Nucor allows us to cut out the middle and thus reduce cost as well.
  • An Aesthetically-Pleasing Design. Our metal buildings team will design your steel structure to match however you need it to look. From a more modern look to industrial buildings ideal for warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Our Metal Buildings Are Durable: Our Steel Buildings are sturdy and can withstand some of the most inclement weather like, downpours, high winds, and blankets of snow.
  • Unlimited Customization Options: Other metal building suppliers offer one or two standardized options. CDMG erects your Custom Metal Buildings based on the exact specifications your industry requires.
  • Our steel buildings are environmentally friendly: Become a global and environmental leader in your industry with American-steel provided by Nucor. 90% of our material is recycled steel.
  • Steel Buildings Are Energy-efficient:  Our prefabricated metal buildings quickly adapt to different energy-efficient insulation systems, which helps to reduce your energy costs.
  • Versatility: Based on the way our metal building kit’s are constructed, it is easy to remove end pieces and add on for expansion purposes in the future.
  • Overhead Cranes: Do you need to lift or transport heavy objects and materials? Overhead Cranes are easily constructed and incredibly effective for use.


CDMG thoroughly understands how pre-engineered metal buildings can help our clients. We focus on the relationships with clients to best understand their specific needs and desires for each building. This is why customization is so necessary. 


There are two main avenues you can take when you require your Custom Metal Building Kit. 

1. CDMG can provide the prefabricated metal buildings kit, and you can do the construction, installation, and project management on your own. 

2. You can opt for CDMG’s full-service. That includes providing the custom metal buildings, construction management, utilizing our experienced contractors, and everything necessary to successfully erect the building. 

CDMG has decades of experience designing, supplying, and erecting custom-engineered metal buildings that meet and exceed the expectations and specifications of our clients. We can meet all local codes and requirements. 

No matter what kind steel building you need and what level of involvement you wish to have from our team, CDMG is the metal building supplier you can rely on to deliver the best results as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


CDMG’s metal building team can provide you with all of your building’s requirements, specifications, and needs with a completely custom-engineered metal building kit.  Choosing CDMG gives you the following:

  • A customizable metal buildings industry leader with years of experience
  • A massive digital advantage with BIM
  • American-made and environmentally friendly materials as an Authorized Nucor Building Partner
  • A durable and long-lasting cost-effective pre-engineered metal building at industry-low prices
  • Full-service from development to erection

Let CDMG manage and coordinate your pre-engineered metal building projects by clicking on the link. CDMG Pre-engineered Metal Building Kits. We will construct a customized Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings that are tailor-made to your every need.  


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